checkmail - Zustellbarkeit einer Mailadresse
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checkmail determines the mail server (or servers) responsible for the domain of the mail address (MXes); if none are available, it falls back on the host with the corresponding name (if available). It then establishes an SMTP connection and goes through the SMTP dialogue until just before an email is actually sent and checks whether mail to the recipient address would be accepted in principle. If desired, checkmail can also test sending to an address that is certainly invalid in order to check whether the replies from the recipient mail server are reliable at all or whether every recipient address is accepted (initially).

The sender of the apparent test email and the HELO parameter to be used can be configured in the script or passed as a parameter during the call.

Additional options can be used to check several addresses present in a text file, to display the complete SMTP dialogue or to force a connection to a specific mail server (instead of checking the relevant MXes).

More information

Please see the distribution page (in German).