Additional information on German (language) regional Usenet hierarchies
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Additional information for the DE-regio project

This repository contains additional information on German (language) (regional) Usenet hierarchies that will be incorpated into the list of those hierarchies at

It is present at VirtComm Code and Github.


File names

Files have to be named $hierarchy.$ where $hierarchy is the name of the hierarchy and $lang has to be de or enfor German or English, respectively; e.g.

File contents

Files start with YAML front matter containing metadata, currently

  • created for the creation date
  • lastmod for the date of last modification

The rest of the file is in Markdown syntax, Markdown Extra flavoured.


created: 2024-06-20
lastmod: 2024-06-22
# `example.*`

`example.*` is an example hierarchy.

Content should start with an H1 containing the hierarchy name; everything else is optional.

Hierarchy names should be marked as code.

Help needed

If you know anything about any of those hierarchies present at, don't hesitate to add your knowledge! We'll take pull requests, patches and all other usable forms of information.